Friday, May 22, 2009

Thing 45 - Cloud Computing

I like the concept of cloud computing especially the ability to access my resources anywhere and at anytime (where I have an Internet connection). My concerns are the same as what others have voiced about security and privacy of my data, files, information, etc. Also, how easy or difficult would it be to access my data, files, etc. if I change from one cloud OS to another? Would I have to convert my data and files each time?
I guess I am doing some cloud computing because I use sites like Amazon, Paypal, iTunes, and some of the accounts that I set up for these Stick Things. The ones that I use have helped my productivity a little because I can access my information from using various computers wherever I am.
An area of cloud computing that I'm going to investigate further for possible use will be data storage for my collection of digital photos.

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