Tuesday, May 12, 2009

35. Thing - Books 2.0

I've noticed that the majority of student book use is on required texts whether these are on Course Reserves, or are books in our collection that faculty list as required or recommended texts. The computer lab in our library is very popular and crowded during the day with students reading and writing on them.
I think some of the Books 2.0 tools are fun to use and might be useful in our library. For example, I really like the online book clubs and BookGlutton's concept would be great to use when our campus adopts a common book. I'm not sure if any of the Book 2.0 tools would hinder someone's reading experience unless they were using a tool that didn't jive with their reading style.
I visited Bookjetty (didn't care for), DailyLit (liked the Classics area--list and forum threads), Reading Trails (way fun!!!), BookGlutton (interesting concept but limited free books to read), Bookvideotv (interesting, might be useful if I was taking a current lit class), OpenCulture (liked the audio language lessons), BookCrossing (felt like a tag and release program), OneMinuteCritic (uh...ok), Lookybook (closed shop), Facebook apps

I enjoyed many of the sites that I visited. A couple were a little weird for me but I could see how some people would like them.
I don't know of any other book 2.0 sites yet.

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