Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thing 40 pt..2 - Mashups on the web

I looked a a few of the suggested mashups. I finally got the Spellr with Flickr photos to work and put it on my blog (see below). LazyLibrary was OK. I found an interesting book on it but wasn't happy with the rest of the results since the majority of them referred to crib note books and summaries of the classic work. LibWorm looked like a book club forum thread because most of the listings were for book club meetings/events. I really liked the food mashups --I must've been hungry! I got a kick out of the Wheel of Food. I typed in the zip of my hometown and it came up with the eateries in my neighborhood. The LunchBox was also good and I liked reading the reviews attached to the recommendations. I typed in the zip for WDW and got some useful info for dining there. I thought that Visual Headlines would be neat but it wasn't for me. I didn't like that letters for "visual" faded in and out. For some reason, I thought the images would appear by the words and fade in and out. MashFace looked fun but I'm burning out on creating another online account and it crashed my Firefox. was uh..ok. It wasn't what I thought it would be like. CrimeReports was disappointing because it listed crimes in larger towns but not smaller ones like mine.

I was able to use Bubblr to make a comic. It was fast and easy to do.

I searched and found some interesting mashups. LivePlasma was interesting but didn't return the results that I expected with my searches. I wasn't sure if it was concatenating earlier searches to subsequent searches. Census Dashboard was neat. I really liked seeing the stats for my neighborhood.

As for uses, I could really see using the LunchBox mashup when I travel to other cities/countries especially for the restaurant reviews. The Census Dashboard would be useful at our library. We could use it to help students when they have some census questions about their neighborhood.

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