Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thing 33- Travel 2.0

Wow, what great sites-- just in time for summer and vacations! I had fun with this "thing" and used it to do some research on possible places to go on vacation this summer or in the future. I think some of the Review Sites like TripAdvisor or Virtual Tourist would be useful links that would be helpful at the Reference Desk. We sometimes get questions that could be answered from looking at a travel website. My favorite site in this "thing" was VirtualTourist because it had a lot of features to it. I liked the travel guides, book travel, trip planner, and forums. I used the book travel section to get an idea as to hotels and their costs.

Another site that I liked was under the Travel MashupAwards, called Cost2Drive. You type in your origin and destination, your car, and it tells you how much it will cost you to get there. I typed in a trip and it said that it would cost $192.99 in gas.

A new site that I found of interest is HopStop.com. It has some of the major cities in the U.S. with public transportation but not all of them. Another site that I liked even more was Xe.com --it's a currency converter site. Just type in the currency you want to convert with the currency you want it converted to. It was a very quick and easy site to use.

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