Friday, May 22, 2009

Thing 47 - Evaulation

I just completed the online evaluation form.

This whole 23 Things Journey was fun and very educational.
Thank you!

Thing 46 - WebJunction

I've looked at WebJunction before and like the Minnesota WebJunction site because it's focused on activities around the state. I was a little disappointed that I didn't find more academic librarians on the site. Also, I wish the courses offered linked to some of the ones that Minitex offers.

Thing 45 - Cloud Computing

I like the concept of cloud computing especially the ability to access my resources anywhere and at anytime (where I have an Internet connection). My concerns are the same as what others have voiced about security and privacy of my data, files, information, etc. Also, how easy or difficult would it be to access my data, files, etc. if I change from one cloud OS to another? Would I have to convert my data and files each time?
I guess I am doing some cloud computing because I use sites like Amazon, Paypal, iTunes, and some of the accounts that I set up for these Stick Things. The ones that I use have helped my productivity a little because I can access my information from using various computers wherever I am.
An area of cloud computing that I'm going to investigate further for possible use will be data storage for my collection of digital photos.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thing 44. The Economy

This "thing" was interesting. I thought the videos had good content. I looked at a site in each of the Learn categories. I liked what I saw on ClearCheckBook-- the visuals with the charts were interesting. I'm not sure if I'd use it though because I'm paranoid about giving too much information online. Under the Ways to Save area, I looked at the Feed the Pig website. Although promising, the Tween site was too elementary in graphics and content. I didn't think the "whack a mole" approach was very instructive for Tweens. The adult version wasn't very helpful either. The pig also seemed a bit creepy to me, maybe if they made him cuter more cartoonish. I really liked the GasBuddy site for finding local gas prices. Our family used this website when gas prices were really high. I also liked the "" to find out about cell phone plans. I've been to some of the penny pinching websites before so the ones listed here looked familiar. Wisebread's website was a turnoff because the most prominent thing was to buy their book! Under the sell your stuff section, I've used Craigslist before for great deals on hobby items. The Yard Sale Treasure Map was interesting because it maps a route for you of available garage sales. The coupons sites were familiar. The self-sustainability websites were alright.
My favorite sites in this "thing" that I would use were: the GasBuddy, Cell phones, Craigslist, and the YardSaleTreasureMap.
Another site that I like to visit is WebStore. It's an online auction site competitor to eBay.
As for a tip, I try to bunch my errands together so that I don't have to run out as much thereby saving gas.

Thing 43- Online TV and Video

I've used Hulu before so I decided to try Joost first for this "thing." Joost had some
TV shows and music videos that I enjoyed watching. I watched a little of CSI: Miami, then a couple of music videos. While exploring the site I saw that they had some older TV shows like Gilligan's Island and Star Trek. Hulu is similar to Joost with TV shows, movies, and videos. On Hulu, I've caught up on some shows that I watch like House. The site also has older shows like The Rockford Files, Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island (but no Love Boat). On Hulu, I watched, a couple of episodes of the Celebrity apprentice. I really liked both of these sites both for the current shows as well as the older shows that they offer. These 2 sites will not change my current TV viewing behavior but will enhance it. If I miss an episode of a show, perhaps I'll be able to find it at one of these sites. Also, when I want to watch an older show, if it's available I'll have the ability to watch them when I want. I also like the idea of watching them online rather than buying DVDs of shows and movies since the technology is changing so quickly. How many people and libraries have lots of VHS tapes of movies, shows, and documentaries?
I think as more of this content becomes available online, there will be a shift towards integrating tv/movies and the internet. I can see broadcast moving to the internet as "channels" maybe like what online radio is doing.
The Internet video entertainment is already impacting my family. My daughter spends a lot of time online visiting sites such as YouTube and some other media sites.

Thing 42 - Music

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thing 42- Music

This was a fun and calming "thing" to do. I haven't used any of the services mentioned in this thing other than iTunes (which I use a bit). I really liked Pandora-- the organization and ease-of-use were understandable and easy. The user comments and forum threads were alright. I thought that the music selection was more limited, than the For example, I searched for Midori (the violinist) in Pandora but didn't find any recordings. When I searched, I found several Midori tracks.'s organization was easy to learn and helpful. However, I did not like the posted "shouts" by people below the tracks. The comments weren't always constructive or objective. Depending on the artist/musician, some of the shoutouts were just strings of profanity.
I added the ShoutCast widget and as a lark had fun looking up Technopop music on it.
Although I usee to and found some Internet Radio stations, I was not able to open any of the stations to hear what they were broadcasting. Radio-Locator was just plain weird and not understandable to me at all. I couldn't figure out how to search for stations with it. I was a little skeptical when I went to the Live365 site since the other sites had been busts for me. It was a pleasant surprise when I could find a couple of nice Classical Stations that I could connect to. One station that I liked was: Classical 95.9 WCRI (Rhode Island). If I want to use Live365 regularly, it is subscription based.
What struck me about these music sites was that if you want to listen to the music in it's entirety or on a regular basis you must pay for it. It might be obvious but it's what I noticed.