Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thing 44. The Economy

This "thing" was interesting. I thought the videos had good content. I looked at a site in each of the Learn categories. I liked what I saw on ClearCheckBook-- the visuals with the charts were interesting. I'm not sure if I'd use it though because I'm paranoid about giving too much information online. Under the Ways to Save area, I looked at the Feed the Pig website. Although promising, the Tween site was too elementary in graphics and content. I didn't think the "whack a mole" approach was very instructive for Tweens. The adult version wasn't very helpful either. The pig also seemed a bit creepy to me, maybe if they made him cuter more cartoonish. I really liked the GasBuddy site for finding local gas prices. Our family used this website when gas prices were really high. I also liked the "" to find out about cell phone plans. I've been to some of the penny pinching websites before so the ones listed here looked familiar. Wisebread's website was a turnoff because the most prominent thing was to buy their book! Under the sell your stuff section, I've used Craigslist before for great deals on hobby items. The Yard Sale Treasure Map was interesting because it maps a route for you of available garage sales. The coupons sites were familiar. The self-sustainability websites were alright.
My favorite sites in this "thing" that I would use were: the GasBuddy, Cell phones, Craigslist, and the YardSaleTreasureMap.
Another site that I like to visit is WebStore. It's an online auction site competitor to eBay.
As for a tip, I try to bunch my errands together so that I don't have to run out as much thereby saving gas.

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