Thursday, May 14, 2009

36 Thing., pt. 3- Comic relief

This Thing was a lot of fun to do. I enjoyed playing with many of the different generators. The most useful generators that I saw for our users were Password generators like FreePasswordGenerator, PDF Generators like FreePDFConvert (enables you to convert a Word document into pdf format if needed which is especially good when you want to post works to D2L courses, Illustrations/Image generators like the Trading Cards at Big Huge Labs, and the Citation Generators like Son of Citation Machine to name just a few. I haven't really used any Generators at work and any that I've used at home have been for fun. I enjoyed playing with the generating Dewey numbers, and the Braille generator, and making concert tickets of events. I thought that the Cornell notetaking sheets generator was interesting and maybe some students would find it useful.
The comic generating sites were interesting to play with. ToonDoo was fairly easy to use, the quality of the comic strip that I created was hindered by the limited creativity of the author (me). I could see how comic strips might be effective at teaching some basic library skills if it was done with input from our target users (students).
Another generator that I saw of interest on the Online Generators site was a free Business Card creator.

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