Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thing 43- Online TV and Video

I've used Hulu before so I decided to try Joost first for this "thing." Joost had some
TV shows and music videos that I enjoyed watching. I watched a little of CSI: Miami, then a couple of music videos. While exploring the site I saw that they had some older TV shows like Gilligan's Island and Star Trek. Hulu is similar to Joost with TV shows, movies, and videos. On Hulu, I've caught up on some shows that I watch like House. The site also has older shows like The Rockford Files, Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island (but no Love Boat). On Hulu, I watched, a couple of episodes of the Celebrity apprentice. I really liked both of these sites both for the current shows as well as the older shows that they offer. These 2 sites will not change my current TV viewing behavior but will enhance it. If I miss an episode of a show, perhaps I'll be able to find it at one of these sites. Also, when I want to watch an older show, if it's available I'll have the ability to watch them when I want. I also like the idea of watching them online rather than buying DVDs of shows and movies since the technology is changing so quickly. How many people and libraries have lots of VHS tapes of movies, shows, and documentaries?
I think as more of this content becomes available online, there will be a shift towards integrating tv/movies and the internet. I can see broadcast moving to the internet as "channels" maybe like what online radio is doing.
The Internet video entertainment is already impacting my family. My daughter spends a lot of time online visiting sites such as YouTube and some other media sites.

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